Monday, December 31, 2007

[recipe] Thinly sliced beef stir fry

Whipped this up after the hike today, with the thinly sliced beef from Mitsuwa.

- Sliced six fingerling potatoes. Pan-fry with a saute pan with a little oil in medium heat. Takes a good ten minutes until they get that beautiful golden brown home-fries colors.
- In the wok, heat oil with garlic, and the stir fry a package of snow peas. When done throw them over the potatoes.
- Reheat the wok with more oil with garlic. Stir fry about half pounnd of thinly sliced beef. Today I had Lee Kum Kee's sweet and spicy beef ribs sauce on hand, so as soon as it's half way done throw a good amount of it in there.
- Finish by stir frying the snowpeas and potatoes back with the beef and sauce.