Sunday, December 19, 2004

[report] Brita filter really works with bad tequila

The holidays season is wonderful. So many parties. So many chances to consume alcohol with friends and strangers! We conducted the another Brita filter experiment. This time with tequila:

- 750 ml bottle of Sauza Blanco ($10 from Pavillions)
- 750 ml bottle of Cabo Wabo Reposado ($36 from BevMo)
- Brita filter. Approx age ~2 months.

This time we decided to have fewer samples. But many more times filtering. We ended up having 4 different samples:
- Cabo Wabo Reposado (which is not clear like Sauza, but hey it was dark)
- Unfiltered Sauza
- 4-times filtered Sauza
- 8-times filtered Sauza

Double-blind test result:
Surprising results! This time it was dead easy for most people to pick out the unfiltered Sauza (I can personally attest that it was awful -- and remember, this was a true double-blind test). Only Christine, who is owner of the Cabo Wabo bottle, liked the Cabo Wabo (happy ending there). But the jury unanimously agreed that the the 4-times and 8-times filtered Sauza were equally good and waaaaay better than the unfiltered Sauza.

Well, duh, Brita filter works with Tequila!

Experiment master: Pierre
Tequila sponsors: Pierre and Christine
Could-have-gone-blind tequila tasters: Christine, Crystal, Crystal's sister, Crystal's friend, Scott, Wandy, and I think there were more but I can't remember!

Shall we move onto bad whiskey?