Friday, December 17, 2004

[report] Vodka filtering experiment dispproved!!

So we tried the the vokda filtering experiment at our holiday party last night. Now isn't that just a great way to make your guests buzzed?

- Near-empty 1.75L bottle of Ketel One ($30 from Costco)
- New 1.75 L of Popov vodka ($12 from Vons)
- One Brita filter, approximate age = 1 month

- We kept a cup of unfiltered Popov (cup 0) and filtered the rest through Brita.
- After each filter, we keep a cup of it (cup 2 - 4). We got total of 4 filtrations.
- We poured the Ketel One into a cup also (cup K)
- Now we have total of Six cups.

Double blind test:
- Jason filled up small Jello cups with samples from cup 0 to K in random order. He labeled them sample 1 to 6.
- Each subject is asked to sip sample 1 to 6. And then rate the samples from best to worse.
- We did not chill any of the vodkas. We wouldn't want to make bad vodka taste better by chilling it, right?

- Subjects all seem to find straight vodka "vile" in general.
- Subjects who survived the sampling: Becky, Bill, Laura, Mike, Neil, Wandy
- Subject who was smart enough to quit before she reaches sample 6: Liz
- Laboratory master: Jason

- Surprise! Most people rated Ketel One the WORST in the double-blind test! And the twice filtered vodka had the popular vote for the BEST!

Most people can't tell expensive vodka from cheap ones. But, if they think they are drinking expensive vodka, it will taste better! So invest in an empty bottle of Ketel One or Greygoose, fill it up with Popov, and use the $$ you saved for, well, more alcohol!