Saturday, April 28, 2007

[outing] Drink Fest in WeHo

Where: Barney's and Red Rocks
Who: Gray, Zee, Scott, Adam, Jill, Mike, Shelbey, Jeff, Bill, Josh, Jessie, Shiela, Melissa, Ron, Maria, Fiona, Natasha, Natasha's boyfriend, Steve, us
When: Friday, 2007 April 27

- "Natasha's place is walking distance" from Barney's" -- right. maybe for Forest Gump.
- Pierre's stellar performance at air hockey
- De--fense! De--fense!
- Posing with Melissa's behind
- Four-dollar Steve (and Pierre finally remembering that it should have been four-dollar Cody)
- Davis: "You are the other Melissa Stein?!"
- Killer home fries and corned beef hash
- "How much @#$% further do we have to walk?"